In March of 2012 Greenbelt fertiliser Zambia Ltd formed Greenbelt Chemicals as part of its ongoing drive to provide a multifaceted platform of products and services in the Zambian agronomic environment. The Core Values being customer support, product reliability and company Integrity in all business aspects related to the agricultural industry.


In 2016 and with the advent of Greenbelt Fertiliser being purchased by Yara International the holding Company of CHC commodities, continued its journey and renamed the chemical division as CHC chemicals

CHC chemicals retains the same Vision and Values of old but with the renewed 3 dimensional objectives of innovation through technology, namely above ground, on the surface and below ground. CHC chemicals don’t see themselves as simply a purveyor of chemical products and related services but as solution providers and this covers all aspects of agronomy, from plant health, soil amelioration, water quality to selective synthetic pesticides to target specific fungal, bacterial, insect and weed pressures with developing focus on the biological approaches to our dynamic cropping world and where these can be niched now and in the future.

Support comes from Arysta Life Science, “a Platform Specialty Products company, which is focused on helping customers cultivate business growth through the development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality chemical solutions for today’s dynamic agro science and health and nutrition science marketplace’’. 

Support comes through international networking of agriculturalists who retain the knowledge of what has been done in the past, thus creating the stability of method but who are not afraid to embrace the new developments in the Agricultural field and share the implementation of these going forward.

Support comes from team work, personnel and placement providing back up and service to the customer

’CHC chemicals has comprehensive representation and coverage throughout Zambia and are represented and supported in all the major agronomic regions of Zambia. These areas are also facilitated and backed by strategic depot placement’’