CHC Commodities is a major Zambian agricultural services and processing company. CHC Commodities primary business is warehousing, mandate buying and brokering of agricultural commodities. Its main focus is on:

  • Grain storage & Handling in bulk, mini bulk and in bags
  • Grain origination
  • Commodity brokering
  • Value adding and processing of agricultural commodities
  • Financing of crop production
  • Supply of agricultural inputs to the farming sector
  • Export of agricultural commodities
  • Property portfolio of storage and other real estate assets.
    CHC has a vision of being a driver of agricultural growth in Zambia by developing new crops and opportunities for farmers.

CHC Commodities has a significant share of the non government grain storage industry storing for the following blue chip clients:

(i)        Zambian Breweries plc (SAB Miller),

(ii)       National breweries plc (SAB Miller),

(iii)      National Milling Corporation (Seaboard),

(iv)      UN World Food Programme,

(v)       Greenbelt Fertilisers

(vi)      Amatheon Agri

(vii)     Cargill Zambia

(viii)     Afgri Zambia

CHC has bought grains under mandate for the following clients:

  • Zambian Breweries: Sorghum
  • Malting Barley
  • National Breweries: Maize
  • Zambeef: Soya beans
  • Mt Meru: Soya beans & Sunflower
  • Cargill Zambia: Maize & Soya beans
  • Afgri Zambia: Maize

CHC Commodities brokers the sale of grains from commercial farmers to millers and oil seed crushers.
CHC Commodities has directly exported grains to Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana and is proficient in facilitating the export of grains.