CHC Commodities has invested in a milling operation called Musanza milling in Livingstone in the Southern province of Zambia, which started trading in October 2013. This company is owned by the same shareholders as those of CHC Commodities but is run as a part of the CHC group and Musanza milling has a modern Milleral roller milling plant capable of milling up to 2,600mt of maize per month. Approximately 800mt (9,600mt pa) of maize is milled each month and the resultant products are marketed from Senanga in the west to Choma in the North East through a series of shops, container depots and retail agents. Musanza Milling services an area of approx. 58500 square kms, with plans to expand by a further 26500 square kms in the near future. The target is to increase sales from 800mt per month to 2,000mt per month within three years through better distribution and targeting NGO and corporate sales. Musanza milling is one of four chosen milling companies in Zambia to partake in a Non GMO vitamin A bio fortified maize project backed by AG results and Harvest+ with vested interests by many more foundations, including Canada food aid, and the Bill and Melinda gates foundation. Musanza milling commenced production and sales of Vitamin A bio fortified products in October 2016.